We Have a New Director!

October 15, 2015 |  1 min read

Dene Nahjo is proud to introduce its new project director, Iris Catholique.

Catholique, a member and former administrator of the Lutsel K’e Dene First Nation, recently relocated to Yellowknife to take on the role and is thrilled to announce a variety of initiatives underway for the fall and winter throughout the territory, including:

Territorial candidates forum focused on Indigenous issues, scheduled for November 4-5;

Hide tanning and traditional tool making workshops;

2016 Emerging Indigenous Leadership Conference;

The establishment of a Northern Cultural and Social Innovation Centre;

Women’s hunting program and second Indigenous Circumpolar Women’s Gathering;

Healthy masculinity program and Indigenous Men’s Gathering;

and much more.

“Keeping the Dene culture alive within our people and our communities is what I want to see accomplished,” Catholique says. “There is a gap in this generation where we have lost so much information and teachings due to the displacement of our people in residential schools. We need a place and an organization like Dene Nahjo to keep the teachings of our Elders alive through workshops and gatherings, where we can ensure our traditional arts, skills, and knowledge are not lost.

To get in touch with Iris, contact her at:

 Cell: 1 867 444 3363

Email: contact@denenahjo.com