Indigenous Leadership Course

October 30, 2018 |  2 min read

Dene Nahjo is in the process of developing a leadership training conference directed at Indigenous youth and young adults, to be facilitated by our research manager, Matthew Wildcat. Core content is being developed in three areas:

1) Indigenous leadership traditions;

2) challenges to Indigenous self-determination;

3) moving towards Indigenous self-determination.

Each area has two workshops that we will cover the three core areas. These workshops are:

 • Indigenous Leadership Values; and Indigenous Leadership in Action
 • The State, Law and Indigenous Peoples; and Understanding Colonialism – Four Perspectives
 • Gender dynamics in Indigenous politics; and Indigenous Nationhood

All six workshops will last three hours and have a similar format. The first hour will consist of presentations. Presentations will primarily rely on invited speakers. When all six workshops are offered at once, the speakers will be a cross section of Elders, political leaders, community activists and intellectuals.

After the first hour, two hours will be devoted to skill building activities. Each skill-building workshop will ask participants to apply information from the presentations to accomplish various tasks. These activities will challenge participants to employ and build skills related to communication, problem solving, teamwork and critical thinking. Each skill building activity is unique. By putting participants through a wide range of activities from one on one conversation, to speaking in front of the entire group we hope that all participants can grow and strengthen their leadership skills whether they are a seasoned leader or just beginning their leadership journey.

We hope that we will be able to hold an inaugural leadership conference in the Fall 2015. We look forward to providing future updates as Dene Nahjo moves toward hosting the Leadership Conference.