Dene Nahjo stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement

Eugene Boulanger  |  June 8, 2020 |  1 min read

Dene Nahjo stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and with all people fighting to end white supremacy and systemic racism.

We know that anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism have been enacted across the world for far too long. We know that racial division is sown in order to maintain a capitalist hegemony that is safeguarded by a police state ensuring systemic injustices continue unaddressed across Indigenous lands. We know the problems all too well here in Denendeh, but now is the time for us to be vocal in support of our Black friends and family, and to voice our support for the protestors fighting systemic injustice in the US and everywhere.

Our future is dependant on our ability as a global community to bridge differences and to collaborate in the face of ongoing and coming crises that will be affecting millions of people around the world. Racism cannot be tolerated any longer by the inaction of moderates. Racism cannot be ended by People of Colour. Ending racism and white supremacy is the work of white people around the world. 

Dene Nahjo stands for innovation, communication, and decolonization. We stand for the land, our languages, and our cultures, and we will do so forever. In our corner of the world, we must be vocal and ensure that the Dene Laws and Values are upheld, including our tenants around treating others with respect. We love our communities, filled with people from all walks of life, because we are united by one common value: we’re Northerners.

Anti-Black racism is currently being challenged across Canada, the US and the world. As Dene, and as Northerners, we will not tolerate it in our territories. 

Challenge it wherever you are.
-Eugene Boulanger, Dene Nahjo